Naming Ceremonies – Milestone Miracles

Naming Ceremonies – Milestone Miracles

This is a very special milestone for all involved. Its marks the welcoming of new life into your family and into the world. It’s a lovely ceremony which can include all family members and friends. Offering the baby gifts, reading poetry, planting a tree and vows of support are all ways of welcoming and honoring your little one. Naming ceremonies can also be used to celebrate adoptive children and step children becoming part of a new family. If you have older children, you may like to include them in the ceremony as well. If they are old enough they may like to read a poem, or participate in some other way.

Many parents these days feel that they do not want a traditional church christening, either because they do not hold any religious beliefs themselves, or because they may want their child to be able to choose their own beliefs as they get older. Your choice of venue is again entirely down to you. Many people choose their own homes, a hotel, a local sports or community hall, or a place special to the family.

A naming ceremony is a lovely way of celebrating this unique occasion to share with family and friends. Parents can choose from a selection of poems and readings to personalise their ceremony and can choose to present their child with a special gift to mark the occasion. Each naming ceremony is unique and specially planned to be a day to remember.

  • The event is a dignified and formal way to welcome the child into the family.
  • Announce the names that have been chosen for the child (and possibly the reasons behind the choice of names).
  • Make promises and commitments to nurture and support the child through to its adult life.
  • Choose other adults and family members who are prepared to promise a special supportive relationship to the child.

Although this is a formal baby-naming ceremony, it holds no legal status and your baby’s birth must still be registered at a local registry office within the legal time span.