Funerals – Milestone Memories

The Loss of a loved is never easy and a Celebration of Life Ceremony recognises the importance of family and friends to grieve whilst also Celebrating the Life of the loved one who has passed over. The nature of this Ceremony is to celebrate the life of the deceased by reflecting on their values, beliefs and traditions.

The day on which you say your final farewell is like no other. It is a day to mourn a death, to celebrate a life and to bring comfort to the living.

When we lose someone we love and begin the difficult task of planning a funeral service, we want that ceremony to be as special and unique as they were. The funeral service allows friends and relatives to celebrate the life of the person they have just lost, focusing on everything that made that person unique. This service will reflect the true character & nature of the person who has died celebrating the life which has been lived.

I will work alongside the grieving family and with great care compose a truly uplifting service which is totally unique. I personally write each individual ceremony – giving you guidance and assistance to help you choose elements which you can include.  Incorporating beautiful readings, prayers, psalms, rituals, music and personal touches all helps to create a very meaningful and genuine ceremony.

You may wish for family, friends or colleagues to participate in the service by means of spoken tributes, readings or live music. There are no set rules to this, I welcome and encourage all those who wish to take part to do so in a way which has significance for them and for all those present.

The service I can offer you is to accept this precious opportunity for expressing grief, saying goodbye, giving thanks and celebrating life. It will be a service that flows from your beliefs and wishes, and those of the person who has passed away.

The two most frequent comments I often hear are

  • ‘You must have known xxxxx very well’.  This means I captured the essence and told the story in such a way that people thought I was just talking about a dear friend.
  • ‘We couldn’t have done it without you’  This means that the family knew that I was walking with them on their most difficult day, offering my talent to be their voice, and they felt heard, understood and comforted by my presence.