Vow Renewals – Milestone Marriages

A vow renewal is your opportunity to reaffirm your love for each other and celebrate in whatever fashion you desire. Traditional wedding etiquette doesn’t apply – this is a vow renewal. The only rules you are concerned with are simply about good manners. You can commemorate this special occasion any time and any place you like. It can be as elaborate as a grand wedding or as simple as a backyard party. Just make sure to send out invitations so your guests can mark their calendars and know that this is a special occasion for you!

Vow Renewals - Milestone Marriages

Couples renewing their vows are already legally married but, perhaps missed out on a wedding celebration. The reasons are many -limited time or money, military leave, elopement, or being married abroad. Later, when circumstances have changed, you may want to do something celebratory – formal or relaxed.  Vow renewals are the way to go. The reaffirmation of vows ceremony can be big and extravagant or small and intimate. Some couples decide to renew their vows when they hit a relationship milestone. Perhaps this could be the birth of a child  or a grandchild or a significant anniversary. These big anniversaries are a natural time to celebrate your lasting love.

Vow Renewals - Milestone MarriagesRemember, have fun and say “I do” all over again!

You will have decided to have a vow renewal for your own personal reasons. However, there are a wide variety of things you might want to say to your spouse. Many couples write their own vows, emphasizing the reasons that they would like to  say “I do” all over again. Remember, the wording of your vows can be sweet, sentimental, serious, and even humorous in spots. Since a  vow renewal is not a legally binding event, the language can reflect your personality and creativity.